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My hot and sour soup addiction (plus a recipe!)

My love for hot and sour soup knows no bounds. I’ve been a soup addict for many years now. All year long I eat soup. I don’t reserve it for days that are cold.
Bear Creek H&S

Bear Creek's Hot and Sour soup mix: Add a bunch of flavor, and it's an excellent soup base.

And I don’t believe in cold soups. I guess I’m not very seasonal when it comes to food. I remember telling my mom when I was in college that I was making beef stroganoff for dinner, and I think it was August. She said, “Oh, just a light summer supper, huh?” I laughed, and realized it was weird to make a heavy, sour-cream based dinner during the hottest part of the year.

I don’t think it really matters either way. Comfort food is necessary regardless of what time of year it is.

Sadly, I’ve grown tired of a my old soups. I’ve made Mexican soup and pasta e fagioli about 104 times this winter, mostly due to the fact that people keep giving me ham. They’ve been all, “Here, take this ham… we’ll never eat it all.” Like I will? I hope they think  I’ll make soup out of it, and maybe they want me to bring them the finished product. Yeah, it’s not because I’m pathetic and live alone and they’re worried that I’m eating Alpo, or that by supplying ham, my pets will eat that first instead of me if I drop dead and am not found immediately. It’s not that, surely.

Sorry for calling you Shirley. Back on topic.

I went to the Old Faithful soup well this weekend, and bought Bear Creek Hot and Sour Soup Mix. Two things I should own stock in, (haha stock, get it?) Diet Coke and Bear Creek Soup Mixes. I only buy one variety of Bear Creek Soup, and it’s hot and sour. And then I add a ton of stuff to it: not to mention these flat chow mein noodles that are  more addictive than anything Frito-Lay has ever produced. Anyway, click here for my recipe.

I’ll eat it every night until it’s gone, and that won’t take long because I eat giant man-size portions. It’s vegetarian and relatively low-calorie, just watch the oils and crunchy noodles.

I don’t mean to scare you, but you will become addicted. My family’s already held an intervention, but I failed.


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