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This blog is just 10 lines long

I’ve had Weird Al’s “This Song is Just 10 lines long” in my head for the last few hours, for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss. OK fine, I was ripping off George Harrison songs for my own benefit.

I took the melody to “My Sweet Lord” and wrote a song called “He’s So Fine.” Do you think this will be problematic?

I made my mom really mad one time when I was a kid. Lots of times, really, but this time involved Weird Al. We were out on the boat (not a yacht, we were upper-middle, not top crust) and she was about to have a tube-tyin’ done. It was her first real surgery besides popping out children. I sang “Like A Surgeon” to her for the better part of an afternoon.

OK, the above sentence was the 10th line. Here’s more if you’ve got the guts to read.

My mom’s not alive anymore. And no, she didn’t die of shame because of me. You’ll hear stories about her a lot on here, and I’m not sure she’d like me telling about her tubal ligation, but I know she’d be proud that 1) I’m writing, and B) I know that it’s really called a “tubal ligation.”

I miss you mama. Please don’t haunt me. Kisses!

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