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Back that thing up, Kitty.

I think I messed around and let my cat go into heat.

Penny, my baby kitty who’s too cute for words and too small for surgery, started yowling last night. Of course she’s got an appointment next week for spaying. She’s been acting strange for a few days, and last night, she meowed loudly at nothing and was flopping around on the floor. I keep waiting to see her back into things, like all the websites say cats in heat do, but I haven’t yet. Just a bit of writhing and howling.

So, I’ve got what amounts to a horny teenager in a house full of monks, as both Percy and Leon are fixed. But for Penny, I put it off because she was so itty bitty, and I know vets don’t like them to be under 5 pounds.

With Percy, my HossMan of a Cat, he was three months old and sporting what appeared to be two tennis balls under his tail. But no vet would take him because he was so young. Finally, one vet took him in, lest the the House of Kitty Porn called Percy for a starring role. Percy, though, is part wildebeest. He’s a giant mountain of a cat, even when he’s on meth. (See this blog for more on that.)

Anyhoo, Penny is probably In Season and I won’t be able to get her spayed next week. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. I can’t imagine her being sexually active. I think it would destroy what little hope in innocence I have.

*** Unrelated Note A: My car got stuck in my driveway this morning, but I worked/shoveled my way out of it. Since it was -12 yesterday morning here in Tulsa, I thought it might be best if I park indoors like normal. I was too scared to traverse my driveway Wednesday night, but had a flash of bravery last night. I was only stuck for 20 minutes this morning… things are looking up. Blizzard of 2011, eat it.

*** Unrelated Note 2: I listened to 90s music this morning, and I realized that since I started the Garish Chicken, I haven’t used it for what it was intended: A place to purge my brain of its incessant need to latch onto every song ever. But the GD blizzard kinda took the wind out of my sails and straight up my pantlegs. Look for more music talk next week! Probably with a shiny “New! Improved! Now with 33.3% More music!” label on it.

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a drink for my sex-starved cat. But don’t get her drunk. Lord knows what she would try on you.

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