The Inner Workings of a Garish Chicken

Why the name?
My mom hit a peacock with her giant blue van on the way home from work one day. I’m not pro-peacock torture or anything, but I thought it was hilarious. How did God dream up these birds? I’m thinking he invented LSD first, then peacocks.

Why I’m here.
I’m a transplanted Okie living in Connecticut. I’m a news editor at this tiny little TV station called ESPN. Have you heard of us? I don’t get the time to be the idiot I truly want to be, hence the Garish Chicken. It might not always be entertaining. I’m sorry in advance.

What I know.
Music, TV, pets, Swahili (I learned some from the MARRS song “Pump Up the Volume”), sports, cooking, heartache. (WAAAHHH.)

Why you should read Garish Chicken.
I can’t offer you deals on peacocks (currently) or deals on anything else. I am not the foremost information holder of anything. My aim is to somehow brainwash you into coming back. I’m not afraid to use cute kittens to my advantage (I have two.) Also, who can resist a peacock? Especially if it’s flying at your windshield?

Where else to find me.
You can also find me on Facebook, of course, because I’m a human being., or on The Twitters, @sarahhart27. I am a decent Tweeter and a much better Facebooker. I am not good at Google+.

2 responses to “The Inner Workings of a Garish Chicken

  1. Brad

    Congratulations; this blog is marvelous. It’s a shame that it’s not publishable in the World. Regardless, your writing is even more entertaining when less filtered.

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