East Coast Girls are hip (and other tales of moving to a foreign state)

With apologies to the Beach Boys, I prefer David Lee Roth‘s version of ” California Girls.” Holy crap, what a great video. If you don’t remember it, it’s here. David Lee Roth and in some instances, (I’m talkin’ to you, “Hot For Teacher“) Van Halen, made perhaps the best videos of the Great Video Era, the era that made me who I am today. Ah, MTV. You are now so full of suck.

But I am belaboring the point of this blog. It does, however, make nice little entry points into what I really want to talk about: ME!

In fewer than three weeks, I’ll be living and working in Connecticut. I know I’ll be working in Bristol for ESPN. I’m not sure, however, where I’ll be living. That’ll take care of itself. And since I have absolutely no idea if I want to live in the city or country, I guess I’ll know it when I see it. Fortunately, Disney/ESPN has an app for that — a real life app/counselor who will show me around the great Nutmeg state until I find someplace where me, the dog and everyone else can live in peace and harmony and sports.

I haven’t blogged, yes, I know, but my life has been in relative chaos, plus my brain hurts. I think I’m vapor-locked. I have been getting just exhausted at the idea of doing anything — but then I get so much accomplished, I’m shocked. Today I’m waiting for people to call to tell me how to go about selling my house. I had already sorta gone through this with my own Realtor, but you know, Disney has their own way of doing things — and that’s totally cool since they’re moving me gratis.

I’m going to let them ship my car, then rent a car and make the trek up to C-State with my bro Nick. He’s already requested to see a large ball of twine. Challenge accepted.

I haven’t hardly had a chance to let the whole “I’m leaving Oklahoma, land that I love” angle sink in yet, and that’s probably a good thing. I will NOT be listening to any Shelley West/David Frizzell classics, at least until I’m so settled I can’t change my mind. “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” was the reason I moved back to the Sooner State after living in Dallas. But Dallas was so much closer — and the job wasn’t as awesome as the one I’m about to undertake. Holy crap, I’m workin’ for ESPN.

I’m kind of packing, mostly just getting rid of stuff. Disney’s moving team does the actual packing. I just have to pack the stuff I don’t want them to see! Seriously, I don’t want them reading my crappy poetry from the 90s and thinking I’m a psycho. I’m sure they won’t but I’m a paranoid girl who wrote a lot of bad poetry.

Life is sort of on one of those weird collision courses right now. Way too many coincidences. It’s like when I lived in Tahlequah and I knew I was exactly in the right place at the right time. I missed Tahlequah and my friends before our time was even up. Right now, I just can’t help but think this is, great job aside, where I belong.

Not to go all transcendental weirdo here, but I had a dream a few years ago that I moved to Portland, Maine, and it started this whole East Coast love again. Don’t know why I’ve always had it. Since I was 11, when I went there on a summer trip, seeing Boston, Nantucket, Cape Cod… I felt like it was sort of my next home. And lo and behold, it is.

Now, instead of wondering about the news value of 2012’s supposed End O’ the World, I’m hoping it’s all bollocks and I will live in New England in a great apartment FOREVER. Make bi-annual trips to the Cape, actually become acquainted with NYC, go to Red Sox games (preferably during Interleague, when the Rockies are in town) and a million other things.

(Yes, I wondered at the news value of the End of Days. I can’t help it. 100 percent journalist.)

I’m still waiting for ESPN to call and tell me the deal’s off.  They haven’t yet. In fact, they keep calling with more details, so I guess it’s really going to happen. Geez, am I ready for this? And I know I’ll be missing all my Oklahoma people before long. I know they’re happy for me though, and with the magic of the Garish  Chicken, I intend to keep you all hanging on my every word (haha, yeah right.)

To avoid a possible meltdown here, I’m going to do what I do best and deflect with music. Let’s go back to the land of the music video, that bygone era when music and movies came together for 3 to 5 minutes of brilliance.

Case in point:  Yankee Rose. 







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3 responses to “East Coast Girls are hip (and other tales of moving to a foreign state)

  1. Buddy

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Oklahoma’s loss shall be the “L”East Coasts gain, no bout a doubt it… I am just so proud of You, so will forgive You for not heading to th “B”EST Coast instead… BUT, as long as You keep the Garish Chicken on the front burner as well as Your fb page, I will feel as though You are still here, residing in T-town… I really enjoyed this blog entry, AND I know that ESPN chose the right person for the job, hands down… Thank You for taking Me under Your wing, at the FG Times, I learned a lot from You… Mostly, I learned about football, which I had NO clue of, until You told Me part of My job was covering all the FGHS football games… I already knew how to write well, being an English Major in H.S… You didn’t have to do too much editing on all My stories, except to keep impressing upon Me: “USE AP STYLE!!!” And of course I knew all about Photography, having worked for My Dad’s Photography biz as a teen, Hey remember the TIMES won “paint the town Red” twice, because all the kids and parents liked MY Press Day photos, much more than the ones they had to buy from studio in Muskogee that landed the contracts and did rather shoddy work… I also thank YOU so much for letting Me put the H.S. Girls’ photos and article on the front page, which had NEVER been done before You and I came along… So, to sum it up, thanks, and I don’t need to wish You luck at ESPN, as I know You shall do excellent there and beyond…
    (“,)Buddy Lee

    • Thank you Buddy! And you are welcome! I had a great time working with you. You are very sweet. And i appreciate you keeping on contact with me! And hey, when you finally become Crystal Gayle’s Jack McFarlin (“Poodle”) I’ll feel like I did ya right!
      And I do need luck at ESPN. I don’t want to mess it up! Thanks for your kindness. You are terrific!

  2. Buddy

    I guess I should go ahead and thank You then, as Brenda aka Crystal, to this day, sends My handwritten birthday, Christmas, and St. Paddy’s day cards… I have met with Crystal and hubby Bill, plus their Daughter Catherine Clair on a few more occasions… She has also sent Me, so far, four pieces of crystal artwork… Whenever We would go to see My Sister in N.C., We also spend the night in Nashville, IF She is not in town, and have dinner with them… I thank You for that… Crystal is like Me in many ways: She knows right away, IF a person is one that She is comfortable with, has that extra “sense,” and both Our Families are originally from the Eastern edge of Kentucky, and when My Daughter met Her the first time, they just sit there side-by-side talking forever… She has a phobia about people touching Her hair, but was so taken by MY Carrie Maegan, that most the time they were seated side by side, Carrie kept just petting Her hair, it was so cute… We even had dinner on one N.C. trip at their house just north of Nashville, I won’t say the name the Street, as most Nashvillians know it, and there are some Crazies out there… Now, I know that You are a HUGE Fan of Her oldest Sister, but I would be remiss in not pointing out that Crystal has had more #1 songs, so far (working on two new albums of new material), and Crystal was the first Female Country Artist to achieve a Platinum album, “We Must Believe in Magic,” as well as all Her Grammy, CMA, ACM, and American Music Awards… I remember when I was like 12 years old listening to American Top Forty by Kasey Kasam, the week before announcing the Number One song on His countdown… He said, on the Country Charts #1 again, Crystal Gayle with “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” and on the Adult Contempary Charts, Crystal Gayle’s “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” and now OUR Number One Song of the week, Crystal Gayle with “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue… I remember screaming and yelling at the time, not knowing that years later, I not only would get to meet Her, but become Friends with Her and Her Family… So again, Than YOU!!!

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