Damn unfunny.

Remember that “Unpretty” song by TLC? “You can buy your hair if it won’t grow/you can fix your nose if he says so…”

I’m writing one called “Damn Unfunny” because that’s the kind of week it’s been here in the la maison de poulet garishe. We had layoffs at my newspaper this week, and I’m basically in a very unfunny place right now. My job was spared, but I have survivor’s guilt. Also, I’m going to be working a whole new job that I’m a little apprehensive of performing. Lots of changes in very little time.

So pardon my absence and this terse post about being unfunny. I’m going back to my bank of mind garbage soon… once I get my equilibrium back long enough to go there.

Until then, the Garish Chicken loves you madly. And always will.

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